My first ever blog, and post, and basically everything !!


Yay!! It’s finally the day!! The day where I finally get up from my lazy butt of reading manga from either the living room couch or online through my iphone screen.

Truth be told…I really don’t know why I still from that tiny little thing…I have a computer…which proves to have both a bigger screen and better quality =__=

Any ways, irrelevant comments aside, although I am clearly talking to myself while writing this blog (which clearly, no one is going to read yet..or ever T__T) I would like to say how an honor it has been to be finally able to join the wordpress community and express my feelings towards something that I really love!!

I hope that in the future, I can post notes that are both informative and fun for everyone to read. And now off to trying to understand how this thing work !!Nyaaaaa~