2013 Spring Anime part 2!!

Nyaaaaa~ Sorry it took so long for me to update part 2 of the 2013 Spring anime news. I’m going to make this fairly short and concise as I notice I tend to overwrite my summaries somehow. *gomen gomen* I’m currently writing this a2t :51 am so I apologize for any grammar mistakes, I don’t have enough energy to proofread my writing. T^T

I’ve decided to organize the animes this time with 4 different categories. The season 2’s, the LN adaptions, the manga adaptions and the originals (meaning it was an original work not adapted from either media and instead were made by the animation studios themselves)



Oreimo Season 2 a.k.a Ore no Imōto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Season 2 !


Most of you have been waiting for me to write a post on the second season of Oreimo and I couldn’t be more happier! ^ ^ I’m super excited to be able to see Kuroneko again! After that last episode (SPOILERS) with Kyou and Kuroneko, I just couldn’t wait for the second installment.

For those of you haven’t watched Oreimo or have heard of it but don’t quite know what it’s about, here’s just a basic story. > <

Oreimo or My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute tells the story about Kousaka Kyousuke who maintains a cold and distant relationship with his sister Kirino. Surprisingly, he comes across a DVD case that contains a H-game! Under her tough, pretty and smart exterior…who knew that his 14 year old sister can be so…….!!! Through complications, trust and friendship, we enter the world of Orimo and the growing relationship between this unusual brother and sister pair.

Oreimo comes off as an “otaku” comedy with a slice of reality. It expresses a view point that watching eroge games or having an interest in the perverted genre is alright, and that there are numerous amount of people who share the same interest as yourself. Just those points by itself is why you should go to your nearest search engine and type Oreimo episode 1 ! Now!


The overall atmosphere of the atmosphere itself is so funny and heartwarming. With an addition of a variety of characters and some of anime’s funniest and embarrassing situation, Oreimo is definitely a must watch for anime lovers.
Imoutos! You know you love them!
The animation quality is superb! Glossy, complete, colorful and well designed.

Hmm…considering a 14 year old girl watching/playing adult video game…this is definetly not a show where either 1.) Your offended by the content or 2.) Your a 14 year old yourself. BEWARE!!


Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W Season 2 !


As I’m happy for Oreimo’s second season, I can’t help but scream to see Nyaruko back!! Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is about a Cthulhu-deity of chaos who takes the form of a silver haired girl named Nyaruko. Mahiro Yasaka on the other hand is just your normal teenage boy (as light novels always like to start off with) until he is attacked by a lovecraftian alien one night. With the help of Nyaruko, and a thorough explanation of how H.P Lovecraft’s fictional works are indeed REAL ALIEN RACES, she and her other alien partners help to prevent Yasaka from being kidnapped by an alien trafficker. What….the….heck right?! XD

The first time I ever watched this series, I couldn’t help but think that Japanese people really love Lovecraft’s works. I mean, Saya no Uta, Fraken Fran, Demon Bane and this as well? Personal fetish maybe? Surprisingly, it’s one of the few light novels that I’m still reading at the moment as the comedy mixed in one of my favorite book genres always seems to prevent me from putting the book down.

Arghhh!! And it was released on the 8th!! I’m going to be staying up till late today just to make room to watch the first episode T_T

Our heroine, Nyaruko-chan, is probably one of the most adorably funny characters I have ever watched. Her optimistic personality as well as her strange way of thinking (you will not believe what things are going through her head)
Fans of Lovecraft, enjoy your Cthulos Mythos universe with a hint of comedy.

The story is very “light novel-ish”. It has a basic story but with a few different settings and theme. But you can feel just how predictable and simple the concept is.

Uta No Prince Sama – Maji Love 2000% (April 2013)


Is this the year of bishounens??! O.o Once Amnesia was over, I wasn’t expecting another reverse harem for quite awhile but it seems as though Uta no Prince Sama is releasing their second season.

For those of you who don’t know the story yet, our main heroine Nanami Haruka, wants to become a critically known song writer. The school that she attends, which is known for the bishounens, has a mandatory rule that each aspiring song writer must be paired with idol but Nanami is paired with 6! Another rule is that she is not able to date any one of her partner. Pffft!! Rightttttttttt. We all know there are so much more you those guys can do than “date” her XD

And….uh…I don’t know if the creators wanted to switch from a girl’s harem to THIS but……. ahahaha #_#

omg omg 5  omg 2 omg 3

Boys, Boys, Boys. Pretty Boys. Must I say more? 😛
Overall, I think the color theme of the story is a must watch. The anime is based on becoming idols and chasing one’s dream, so there’s a lot of sparkles, love dovely colors, strobe lights, all the works.

✖ Oh my goodness. Please make them dance more manly. Please. Hip thrusting and booty swaying is great…for girls.

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Bride (April 5th 2013)


Hyakka Ryouran : Samurai Bride is the sequal to Samurai Girls, a story about a boy named Yagyuu Muneakira who rebels against the student council who have been oppressing the schools due to the Tokugawa Shogunate regime. By his side are girls whose ancestors are famously known samurai heroes.

I didn’t need to tell you the story and you’d know it was a harem! Unfortunately as a previous viewer of the first season, I have to inform you that there are both a censored and uncensored version on the anime. The reason I said “unfortunately” was because unlike “fan service” censoring (e.g having a leg block a pantie shot) the parts are censored with tiny black dots, which not only distracts the viewers but it’s actually pretty annoying.

I don’t know if they are going to do the same thing with the second season, but if you don’t like any censoring your pleasure…ehem I meant the beautiful artwork, then this might make you feel a little bit frustrated.

The animation is produced by ARMS, the same studio that brought you Elfen Lied, Pandora, and Trinity Blood (Production Coopertation) . I can assure you that they are pretty good at drawing battle sequences.
Great artwork! All the heroines look adorable!

✖ Let’s face it, this is a boy’s anime. Fan service, harem, cute girls, things bouncin’ up and down. If your more into deep stories, a core plot and unpredictable characters, then I don’t recommend this anime.


Hentai Ouji Warawanai Neko (April 13, 2013)


Youto Yokodera is a pervert. He’s always following his desires but for some reason, instead of people being disgusted by them, he gets misunderstood as “doing good deeds”. Therefore Youto decides to pray to the cat statue, known for it’s mysterious wish granting powers, that he will be able to express his lustful thought whenever and whereever he wants. Along the way he meets Tsukiko Tsutsukakushi, who has a wish that is the exact opposite of Youto; that she will be able to hide her true intentions.

Okay, basically an anime about someone who WANTS TO EXPRESS THEIR PERVERTEDNESS??! What??!

For Seiyuus, we have the adorably voice Yui Ogura which most of you might known from High School DxD as Katase and Ro-Kyu-Bu! as Hinata. Let me just say this, Yui-san voice, both as a seiyuu and in real life, is extremely anime like. Small, childish and kawaii. Yuki Kaki on the other hand had voiced Shuu in Guilty Crown, Lyon in Fairytail, Yoh in Deadman Wonderland, Alibaba in Magi, and Issei in Highschool DxD as well as Eren in Shingeki no Kyojin, my current favorite anime. The one special thing about the seiyuu is that they have such a strong chemistry after voicing main character roles in both Ro-Kyu-Bu! and Highschool DxD that I think they’ll do an amazing job with this anime.

A title with “hentai”, “ouji”. and “neko”? Hmmmmm….
Yui Ogura and Yuki Kaji as a seiyuu?? Holy crap!!

✖ I admit, the only thing I see in the story is ecchi, slice of life, moe and comedy. Standard much?

Red Data Girl (April 2013)

RDG .Red.Data.Girl.full.1422870

Considered more as a “novel” instead of a light novel, Red Data Girl is based on a Japanese Shinto legend. Our protagonist, Suzuhara Izumiko, has been raised and protected in a shrine located in Kumano mountains. When she decides to leave her isolated life and relocate to the big city. Her guardian, Sagara Yukimasa, tells Izumiko that she should move to Tokyo and has his son Miyuki become her personal servant. For Life. (You ain’t going anywhere dude) Miyuki and Izumiko are polar opposites but as the story progresses, they begin to learn more about each other; Izumiko as the yorishiro of a Himegami goddess and Miyuki as the guardian yamabushi to the Izumiko household.

I didn’t watch the anime yet but I did pick up the manga. The artwork is adorable and the way the sceneries are displayed are amazing! I might give this anime a shot.

The story by itself looks quiet interesting, and I haven’t heard of a novel turning anime before.
Great scenery work and they way they portray Japanese tales. Very traditional and elegant.

✖ There are a lot of Japanese legends and wording in this anime, which might make viewers quite confused.
The characters come out as unlikable at first, Izumiko being the doormat and Miyuki being the sadist bastard. If you don’t like animes where the characters start out like this and gradually become better (Progessing storyline) then don’t take a chance with this anime.


Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge (April 3, 2013)


Sure, there is the imouto, the sister complex, but have you ever thought of….a fetish for cutting hair?! Meet Kiri Haimura, a boy who has a weird obsession for seeing his scissors, the Dansai Bunri no Crime Edge, cut through people’s hair. If you didn’t think that was weird enough, he meets a girl named Iwai Mushanokōji who, bipolarly opposite to his hobbie, is prevented from cutting her head because of an ancient curse. But did that stop him? Nah. Enter the “Hair Queen” game, an old killing game where weilders of the “killing goods” are on the hunt for Iwai. Can a fetish boy save this modern day Sadako? We will find out!

Yes the story does sound…..very very weird, but it interested me nonetheless. I will post my review on the first episode in the near future, but for now….What are your personal opinions on hair fetishes?

The coloring style really sets the mood of the story, giving it a sort of dark and mysterious feeling.
I don’t know if this is a plus or minus, but–as I’ve said it a hundred times–this anime is very weird! If your looking for something just randomly outrageous, try watching the first episode of the anime. I mean it….weird!!

✖ This is my personal opinion but I am annoyed by the heroine’s sin gle hair coming across her face. Ack!! I just wanna wrap it around her ear or find a clip for her !! O.o

Aiura (April 9, 2013)


Adapted from a 4-koma, Aiura is about the normal yet not normal lives of Amaya, Iwasawa, and Uehara. Basically the motto is “what happens when there is nothing happening.” So what we’re going to see here are 3 ditzy girls just….goofing around in high school! Simple yet hilarious!

The first time I saw the preview to anime, I felt very familiar with the artwork. My first guess was that it looked similiar to Kyoto Animation, but I knew that the story was too “cutesy” for Kyoto’s taste. Then I noticed it looked like the same artwork that Sword Art Online has! After some extensive research, I found out they came from the same studio! Liden Films. Another thing I was surprised to see was that Ryousuke Nakamu directed it. We’re talking about the guy who directed High School of the dead and Death Note. Pffft! Mind Blown !! @__@

Love Azumanga Daioh? Similar feeling with similar crazy girls XD
Liden Films have a great animation style, all with adorable characters and realistic movements.

✖ This is a feel good series with a bit of the slice of life genre attached to it. If your not up for a day by day episode, then…you probably will be bored out of your mind with this.

Namuichigiwa no Muromi San (April 2013)


Follow the adventures of Muromi-san, a mermaid who so happens to speak with a kansai dialect!

I don’t know much about Tatsunoko Production, so I can’t give you much info about that. Although, I’m quite interested in the voice actors as we have Yukari Tamura (Nanoha in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Pandora Hearts as Alice) as Muromi-san and Takahiro Mizushima (Furuichi Takayuki in Beelzebub) as Takurou, a boy in a highschool fishing club that catches Muromi-san in a net.

For some reason….the story reminds me on Ponyo….

If you’ve ever seen Ika Musume, then you know what kind of feeling people of the sea bring….except this series is without the world domination portion of course.
Muromi-san is hallarious in the manga! Looking forward to how creative the animators are going to be about her expressions, as well as emphasize her Kansai tongue.

✖ Being mostly a comedy and slice of life, it leaves me questioning if this anime is worth my time or not.


Kakumeiki Valvrave (April 12, 2013)

22 11

Due to the development of space cities, over 70 percent of the human population is living in space. Our protagonist, Haruto, is a student in Jioru, a neautral nation between the Dorushia Military Pact Federation and the Atlantic Rings United States a.k.a ARUS, powers. (Hmmm….Britania and now the United States…the west is getting pretty preoccupied with mecha) When the Dorushia army starts invading the nation, Haruto encounters the mysterious weaponized “Valvare”

If the blurb didn’t give you much of a hint (for me it didn’t anyways) here is the anime’s PV:

Kakumeiki Valvrave is produced by Sunrise  the same studio that brought you mecha series such as Gundam, Crush Gear Turbo,Vision of Escaflowne, and famous series such as Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, Gin Tama, and Accel World. O’ comon. From all those name, you know the animation is going to be good!Another thing is that the anime is directed by Kō Matsuo and written by Ichirō Ōkouchi, who wrote Code Geass. Umm, I have to contain myself from letting out a crazy squeal but…..IT’S GOING TO BE EPIC!! 

You know your gonna get a quality mecha animation since it comes from the same studio as Gundam!

Written by Ichirō Ōkouchi??! That’s straightforward right there.


And that concludes our part 2 spring manga list!!Starting from May, I will also be posting another anime list including some of your favorite manga/LNs/Games that might get animated in the coming month!!

Stay tuned and as always…..Nyaaaaaaaaaa~


First Episode Reviews of 2013 Spring Anime!!

DISCLAIMER : I apologize for having some still photos and gifs combined. I can’t figure out how to work this dang thing! If any of you know how, please feel free to share T^T

It has been a week since my last post! A week! Where the heck have I been?? O.O

Well, after watching the first episodes of…and I’m surprised to say that after watching the first episode of a certain anime…I have dropped it. Yup. On the first episode, and I will tell you the reason why. So…without further or due, let’s go on to our first review !


Amnesia Episode 1


THE EPISODE : I know the anime finished airing but I couldn’t help watching the first episode one more time.

My opinions on the animation first was how the animation was very professionally drawn, with the eyes being my focus of attention. They were just so beautiful! I became so preoccupied with trying to examine how they were colored in that I missed some conversations the characters had. The only thing was when the characters were out of focus, they lost all artwork and they then became distorted. Me being a fan of animators putting in every little detail on their characters, no matter how far or out of focus they are, was quite disappointing. Brain Bran had amazing artwork when it came to close up animation, but it seems to me they became lazy after halfway throughout the anime. There was even a scene where a guy was switching to either being taller or shorter than a nearby tree.

There were some other downfalls the story had for me however. First would be the lack of personality our main heroine has. Ok, I know you can be confused after having no memory of who you are or where your at…But having amnesia is not an excuse for not having a personality. (@_@) Ai ya yaaaa!

THE OPENING CREDITS : Loved it! Beautiful opening credits with an amazing vocals as provided by Nagi Yanagi. If I could somehow find a way to buy the score to the anime I would. My keyboard suffered a major pushing attack after I constantly kept repeating the song over and over. (rest in piece play key)

THE CONCLUSION : Although the anime did have it’s somewhat flaws in between, the sound quality, character designs and the animation studio’s determination to grant it’s fan a little service towards their OTPs was highly respectable. A key aspect that this anime did amazingly was the fact that it left your heart pumping and thumping whenever a little physical contact came in between our heroine and her 5 bishies. And let’s face it…who wouldn’t want to be in her shoes?

I give Amnesia a rating of NYAA-GOOD!! 3/5

Hataraku no Maou Sama! Episode 1


THE EPISODE : Me myself being not familiar with the light novels, I could say that my first impression on Hataraki no Maou Sama was great!

Our story begins as a very serious and tense introduction on how evil Maou Sama is/was, so much that I was wondering if I was watching the correct anime or not. (O.o) As the story progresses to Earth, we then begin to experience the comedy field, one were our Lord Satan is working at McRonald. XD (their twist on our little own McDonald) The storyboard writting in my opinion was quite snappy, it didn’t hold out for too long to try to explain where things were going or how this lead to that. Instead it was to the point and firm, a trait that I think most animes have trouble trying to do. (Either they’re elaborating TOO much on the matter or they cut TOO much corners in telling a story) The characters complimented each other well and it was hilarious to see Maou sama turn from a refined demon king into a silly shonen protagonist.

There was however certain scenes which left me questioning after viewing. Scenes such as when Maou Sama begins learning Japanese. At first him and his underling/partner speak their native language (I’m guessing it’s Gibberish as some random words in different languages were thrown in there) but then switch over to speak Japanese. Once they meet the locals however, they begin trying to communicate with them but with little avail…which left me wondering. I thought that they already have learned it? If so, then when did they learn it? There were no scenes which indicated them learning the language. Did they use their magical powers?

THE  CREDITS : There weren’t exactly any opening credits to begin with, just an introductory story of how our main hero (well, he’s suppose to be a villain but you get where I’m going) ends up on Earth. I don’t know if there is going to be another opening on the second episode but for now, I have no comment.

THE CONCLUSION : Hataraki no Maou Sama epsiode 1 left me wanting for more. The fact that the episode ending with a surprising outcome only increased my appetite for the next epsiode. If your looking for a friendly, feel-good comedy, go check Hataraku no Maou Sama out. ^ ^

Hataraku no Maou Sama is certified NYAA-AWESOME!! 5/5

Devil Survivor 2 Episode 1


THE EPISODE : The first episode of Devil Survivor starts off by basically introducing the whole concept of the devil survivor franchise. It explains what it is, who is involved, how it came to be…the works. Being a gamer of the series, I could see that the animators have shortened and elaborated on the storyboard, making the series not overly repetitive for past otakus while still maintaining the basic plot for first time viewers, something that I have to say is greatly admirable. The story will most likely turn out to be a progressive storyline as we see that the characters are still afraid and reluctant to help utilize their powers to aid the human population. We can expect to see some character development here and there so if your beginning to become annoyed by certain characters, wait until they get their time to shine before deciding to drop this series.

I enjoyed how the episode evoked a sense of mystery to the viewers involving the Nicaea cooperation. Other than us having to hold onto our seats for our heros to survive from man eating monster, we also have to try and think…”Why the heck would a company release a youtube video of people before they die?!”

THE CREDITS : The opening song and design was an ideal match for the anime itself. I especially liked how in the end it showcased all the characters you are to encounter throughout the game and how they didn’t include a slideshow the game’s monsters itself. (whew, thank goodness! We wouldn’t want another pokemon rip off now would we?) I did however like the ED more than the OP, mostly because the singer’s voice is so sexy….uhhh…i mean, it was artistic! Yeah that’s it! (」゚ロ゚)」

THE CONCLUSION :Animation wise is good as for the demon summoning effects which I am happy to say the special effects looks great! It doesn’t look to cheesy or overused and the color patterns match the darkness of the episode perfectly. If your looking for a series to kickback and just watch to ease your tiresome day with a simple plot, but with still a eerie mysterious atmosphere, by all means try Devil Survivor. But if your more into in-depth characters with a hidden past, plot twists and a complex storyline, this is not for you.

I give Devil Survivor 2 a rating of NYAA-GREAT! 3.5/5

Karneval Episode 1


THE EPISODE : I have to give credit to the voice actors! The voices had perfectly matched the character’s personality perfectly. Perfectly I’m telling you. We’ve got Kamiya Hiroshi (Araragi in Nisemonogatari, Izaya in Durarara!! ), Shimono Hiro(Keima in the World God only Knows), Ono Daisuke (Midori-kun from Kuroko no Basketball), Miyano Mamoru (my personal favorite and Riku in the Kingdom Hearts Series), and Suwabe Junichi (Greed in Fullmetal Alchemist). 

The setting was amaaaaazing. I just love an anime with an ahistorical Victorian background. The way the animators used such vibrant colors and emphasized the use of magic was a delight to see. In addition, the story reminded quite a bit of the book “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern. Hmmm….Karneval?? = Circus?? Coincidence??! As for the characters themselves, the art is elegant and the action movements are drawn very gracefully, given the example of Tsukumo’s kick jump. Karneval and Amenisia are really neck and neck for having the best drawn anime eyes, even I couldn’t come on a conclusion to which one I like best.

The only thing that was bugging me with the first episode is that the animators decided to make Nai’s highlighted features more noticeable (in this case, his cat-like side hair) a little too….den??! I mean, it looked pefectly balanced when it was drawn in the manga but having it being emphasized  a bit much seemed to be like he became either a relative of Yugi Mouto from Yu-Gi-Oh or that they simply went to the same hair salon.

Also…it in my great delight to say that the animators had a little fun with the episode in hinting a Yaoi pairing. A feminine shouta hancuffed and dominated on a bed gets rescued by a robin hood like hero?? Ahahaha, you know where this is going.

THE CREDITS : Okay. Hands down. From all the anime opening and ending I have reviewed t day, I’m going to have to say that Karneval is the best. The opening was given a sort of post-Victorian type tone with orchestrator music and what’s makes it so different was how the title was actually tied in between the story line. The ending , although quite simple, was eye candy; a colorful background with a sort of sparkly-poppy effect emphasizing on the meaning of “Karneval”

THE CONCLUSION : Karneval is a promising plot, meaning does not introduce it’s views on the series plot until latter out in the storyline.

I give Karneval a rating of NYAA-VERY GOOD! 4/5

Date A Live Episode 1


THE EPISODE : I haven’t read the light novel myself but when I saw Kotori-chan change from a cute desirable little sister with a bro-complex to a sadistic commander, I was shocked! O.o Did not expect that coming. Overall, I think that the one thing that somehow made me enjoy the series is it’s wide variety of character personalities. We have a cold…. By far I would have to say mine is the lolicon vice commander Kyouhei

Plotwise, I thought the story was a bit unoriginal. Action shots with panty shots here and there, tsundere characters, predictable stereotypes, a clueless shounen hero who runs a life threatening harem….There wasn’t really anything new for me to pick out.

The artwork, although looking quite generic, was clear and complete and did not have any distortion or out of focus downfall.

THE OPENING CREDITS : Ehem. The ED credits were…..WHAT THE HECK?! O.O I really have no way to put how I feel in words, so you should check it out yourself. Although I do think that it compliments the comedy in the anime for some reason.

THE CONCLUSION : Date-A-Live came off as your standard harem story with adorably designed characters and humorous side characters but that’s about it…I can’t really see it as an anime that I will stick around to watch but something more as a medium in making good signatures or avatar set that I can be really devoted to. I will however give it a few more episodes before I make my final decision on whether the anime still catches my interest or not

I give Date A Live Ep.1 a rating of NYAA-GOOD! 3/5

Shingeki No Kyojin Episode 1


I was lucky to be able to watch the pre-release in raw japanese last Wednesday, and I was soooooo happy to be able to review the subbed version today!! T_T

THE EPISODE : First of all, being the brilliant animation team Production I.G is, the artwork was AMAZING. From character lines, to scenery, to movement,the studio never seems to let me down. I was thrilled to see that the animators used the original manga designs on the anime. As you can see from the gif below, (which I still haven’t figured out how to make it automatically go off :/) the character lines are so crisp and full that it almost seems like your looking at an animated manga! It’s rare to see an anime be so similar to it’s predecessor or keep a manga’s tone and strength, but Shingeki no Kyojin did it!

Second, because the animation was superb, we as the viewers then become engulfed in the story. SPOILER ALERT>> Whether it was the scene where Eren’s mother is eaten alive (which i busted out in a never ending cycle of tears by the way) or when the 60 meter giant shows up, I could feel an immense amount of feeling being built up inside me. I felt fear, sadness, loneliness, curiosity….the story was so moving that it pained me (in a good way) to see just how beautifully it was put together.

Another thing I would like to point out is the cinematography. Oh my goodness! The focus, light, color completely covered the  mood of the story, being a heavy and depressing apocalyptic series and contributed to the overall tone of the episode. Props for I.G Production. Props for them indeed.

THE OPENING CREDITS : I really loved how the opening included some drawn scenes from the manga itself. Not only did it show the viewers of the action-packed setting of the series but also that the animators admired the original artwork from Hajime Isayama himself.

CONCLUSION :  I was astounded with the animation quality Production I.G had to offer. It was pure perfection. Although the first episode was a bit slow due to it only covering the first and half of chapter 2, the way the story of the anime unfolded made you get sucked into it’s pure awesomeness and begging for new episodes. If your looking for a fresh yet dark tone, brilliantly directed animation and breathtaking scenery, get your butt to the nearest online anime website or torrent you can find!

Plus, seeing Mikasa beating the crap out of Eren was so enjoying to watch. Mwahahaha!!

I give Shingeki no Kyojin Ep.1 a NYAA-AWESOME rating! 5/5

Aku no Hana Episode 1


And the winner for most let down anime of 2013 (so far) is Aku no Hana. This is literally what I thought like after seeing the first ten seconds of the anime.

Here are just the differences in the manga and anime to prove my point. Oh goodness…they decided to go with rotoscoping….a technique from the early 1900’s.


Now, I don’t hate an anime being rotoscoped. Anastasia and Snow White by Walt Disney was rotoscoped as well, but look at how detailed shadow and color wise it was! This is just looked like a horrible dump-paint coloring you do on your computer class’s free time! The other problem is that the mouth movement, arm movement, (and whatever movement our body can do) do not match or flow with the character. It’s like I’m watching a very horrible dub of a Japanese live action film. Not to mention the story was sooooo slow compared to the anime. Weird right? Usually an anime is suppose to progress faster because….
1.) It’s a reason not to bore the viewers 2.) Animes tend to remove some material out to not have the content be too repetitive.
Urghhh. I’m sorry, after fifteen minutes into the anime, I just had to stop. T__T The horror!!
And for those out there who say that the artwork is unique… I do repect you for being able to like something like this, but for myself, I’m going to have to decline on all points. Being unique or having a different animation visual doesn’t necessarily make anime anime “Good”. For us readers, we don’t ask for “human-like” character designs, we just ask for an original storyline, less cheesy character lines, over the top “power of friendship” power-ups, or excessive irrelevant much fan service. Not….Badly colored in photoshop cartoons !! Don’t get me wrong. I love Aku no Hana as a manga, and after watching the anime, I’m temped to ONLY stick with the manga from now on.

THE CREDITS : I didn’t think it would get worse than this but….not only was the artwork horrible but the opening credits DID NOT MATCH THE THEME OF THE STORY AT ALL. *facepalm* I can’t…I don’t even…..

THE CONCLUSION : Go and read the manga. Just go. Please.

I give Aku No Hana Ep.1 (and the rest of the series) a NYAA-NO WAY! rating.  1/5

Suisei no Gargantia  Episode 1 and 2 Pre-release

I was lucky to snatch some snap shots from the raws of Suisei no Gargantia thanks to some friends over at seventh style!

After looking through the screen shots of the raw episodes, I had come to the conclusion that Suisei no Gargantia has a sort of “Slice of Life” addition to it.  There are scenes where our main protagonist, , is constantly trying to find a way to “fit in” with the Islanders and Amy, a optimistic and cheerful young lady who teaches Red (or Redo as it is pronounced in Japanese) of the beauty of living in a peaceful and “breathable” planet.


Although looking at the snapshots have made me feel prepared to step out of my comfort zone (of watching anime based SOLELY on Sci-Fic Mecha like gundam or Gurren Lagann) having a slice-of-life addition to it might not be such a bad idea. We still have to find out though!

The Good: Shingeki no Kyojin and Hataraku no Maou Sama!  stole the spot in this post.

Shingeki no Kyojin won the spotlight for having an amazing anime adaption with beautiful scenery and remarkable character outlines while Hataraku no Maou Sama! blew me away with their ditzy comedy as well as an overall interesting plot.

The Bad: check comment below.

The Ugly: Aku no Hana

Oh goodness! For the ugly (animation wise), I have to go with Aku no Hana. Not only was I disappointed on how much they changed the character’s distinct features and the manga author’s original artwork, but on how they emphasized the background SO much that they forgot about the characters themselves!! I could not get into this anime at all. A anime is great if they have beautiful scenery, but to do it while leaving the main characters looking like crap still equals a crappy animation, no questions asked.


As for Saya no Uta, Gargantia, Arata Kangatari and Spaceship Yamato, I’ll be sure to post another 1 episode review after watching all four series. I’m hoping to put up my 2013 Spring anime review part 2 up tomorrow morning or no later than midnight @__@ Sorry I have been away so long, and thank you so much for those who like and post comments on my reviews! It means so much to me that people are actually reading my horrible writing. T___T Thank you again!! *hails!!*

Tamako Market : Episode 12 (Final)

It was 2:15 am when I finally had time to watch the last episode of Tamako Market. =.= Although my eyes look worse than L’s, I will try to do this review as best as I can ! Oh! And for those of you who haven’t watched the last episode of Tamako Market yet, beware! There are spoilers in this post so don’t say I didn’t warn you!~ >O</ (And my spell check and grammar are probably going to be horrible as I don’t have the energy to double check it.)




Yup end. After 12 episode of Kyoto Animation’s slice of life series, Tamako Market has come to an end. To my personal opinion, I thought the ending was a bit weak and just didn’t have me satisfied as I would have liked it to. Strangely though, I was guessing that this is what was going to happen. The episode instantly starts off with the Prince giving Tamako her lost medallion-coupon thingy. Tamako is then seen to be confused of what to do until Dera asked her straightforwardly what she thinks of marrying the prince. After a long explanation of a short story on her market’s citizens,Tamako finally confronts her true feelings.Once Tamako tells the prince and the market townsfolks that she doens’t want to marry Mr.Ouji here, the prince, and his Angelina Jolie lips bodygaurds make their way back home. I mean just like that! Talk about a fast rejection and acceptance scenario! Dang you Kyoto Animations! (count 1)

There was also a scene where Tamako runs throughout the Market and sees that her neighbors have disappeared. (They were at the Bath House with the Prince and Choi-chan) Tamako remembers that the only time an incident like this has happened was when her mother passes away. For that moment alone, I thought, was one of the best scenes in the episode. Seeing Tamako, a cute, bubbly and optimistic girl lose character at a past memory made my heart clench. I could almost feel Tamako’s pain. With the scene, it also made me have some hope that KyoAni. may open Tamako Market up for another season, although I highly doubt it, a girl can dream can’t she??But as you can guess, the anime then ends within 5 minutes. Noooooo!! I wanted to learn more about Tamako’s past! Dang you Kyoto Animations! T__T (count 2)

As for having a romantic ending….well, Mochizou finally brought of the courage to….give Tamako a birthday present! (you thought I was going to say confess didn’t cha??) Yup, that was all. It ended with just that. *sigh* Although I did somehow know that Kyoto Animations loves to leave their fan clubs dangling, I was really hoping for at least SOMETHING to be concluded between Tamako and Mochizou. Dang you Kyoto Animations! >___</ (count 3)


As for Choi-chan and the prince, it is seen that Choi-chan could actually be the bride candidate, as she was seen reaching for her necklace indicating that she was trying to hide the mark by wearing one in the first place. But as for this couple, nada. (count 4)


Dera and Shiori? Not a chance. (count 5)

Overall, although the ending didn’t quite make me happy and it pained me to see that neither one of the couples having a had a conclusive ending (Bah! I was probably wishing for too much but still….), Tamako Market will always remain as a subtle, “chill” feeling anime that I can always hope to come back to watch because of it’s amazing animation and sugary characters that make you just want to plunge right in and hug to death. Image

And with that, I’m off to bed!! XD I can’t even write a good conclusion…I’ll just leave Mochizou ‘s zoned out face, as I believe this is what I look right now!!


And until my next anime review…….Nyaaaaaaa…..no energy….\( ̄□ ̄)\