Shy X Shy, an unexpected love story!! Hibi Chouchou~


This is where the phrase “actions speak louder than words come in.” We’ve seen playboys with shy girls, tsunderes with nerds, yankees with the dreamer, I could go on naming different archtypes, but have you ever seen a couple where both the guy AND girl are both….well…shy?? Not just shy like Kimi Ni Tokoke, but completely and utterly just EXTREMELY QUIET!!?

Meet Hibi Chouchou, a manga about a quiet girl and a quiet boy!Suiren has just enrolled as a freshman at her high school and she has become famous! All the boys and even some girl look her way, either entrapped in her elegance or literally falling in love with her. All but one. Kawasumi kun. Why is she so interested in him? Why is it that he is the only person that makes her overcome her fears?  Who is Kawasumi kun….and why does her make her heart beat so fast?

With ever little scene, you can be positive to squell/shout/think/disco dance around the room/scream “AWWWWWWWW!!”


Hibi Chouchou is drawn and written by Morishita Shuu, known previously for her one shot manga Mada Amanogawa ni Ikenai. It is published the Shueisha company in the magazine Margaret, also known for the mangas such as; Akuma to Love Song, Hana Yori Dango (the best selling shojo manga in Japan!), Switch Girl, andMairunovich.


Let me just say that Morishita-Sensei diffidently knows how to draw kawaii shoujo manga characters. Suiren, who is known in the story as a natural beauty,  is drawn to look so lovable that you just wanna grab her from the page and cuddle her in your sleep!What is also special about this manga’s artwork is the depth of emotional meaning the author has considered. Our main heroine can barely slip out a sentence in a chapter, but the mangaka is fully capable of having her readers understand her emotions by just how perfectly she can interpret love and emotion without an effort of having it in text.



Like my other post about Liselotte to Majo no Moki, Hibi Chouchou is a “progressive manga” Though the story progess may seem slow, I believe that in each chapter, you learn more about the hardships each of the characters are facing at trying to overcome their obstacles. Through this, the plot become more appealing and suspenseful with each “Doki Doki~” moment. ^ ^ Our main characters are struggling to try and break their comfort zone and understand the meaning of falling in love for the first time. With each and every chapter I read, I feel as if the story touches my heart in a sort of “tingly” feeling. Like I’m a fourteen year old girl excited for her first invitation to prom. XD The innocence storyline makes the whole manga just a charming and admirable read, sometimes even reminding you of your previous love experiences, the difficulty of confessions, the embarrassing eye contact scenarios, or even the aftermath of a long-planned date. If your in that “in love” mood, I recommend that you start searching for Hibi Chouchou volume 🙂


Cute. Cute. Cuteeeee!! After reading manga with the over-the-top harem story line, cry baby protaganist, or the classic best friend/guy next door triangle, it’s refreshing to see something new for a change. Suiren is a graceful

Another thing I would like to note, are the side characters. We have Aya-chan, Suiren’s best friend since kindergarden. Acting as a support system as well as encouraging Suiren’s stepping up towards her fears, Aya chan can be one of those people who you just want to share all your secrets with. Her along with Sayuri-chan, another good friend of Suiren, come up with various scenarios to have Suiren and Kawasumi to meet…frequently under both of their embarrassments. 😛

Next we have Kawasumi best friend, Ryosuke , who is head over heals for Suiren. He provides a sort of comical effect for the manga, being that he is oblivious to the fact of the relationship between Suiren and Kawasumi, as well as being TOTALLY clueless in everything!!!

Then we have Suiren main love rival, Kotaru. Unlike many if not all shojos, Kataru is not your typical evil antagonist. (which are either being identified by 1.) their fake looks and suggestive personality 2. being a complete b*tch 3. extremely annoying 4.all of the above)No, instead Kotaru is just so realistic. Instead of soiling Suiren’s chances with Kawasumi by trying to ruin her reputation, Kotaru fights for her OWN reasons, trying to make Kawasumi respect/fall in love with her instead of depending on someone’s misfortune to fulfill her goal. Thoguh there are moments where she discourages Suiren, I only believe that it is part of her “test” to try to understand Suiren/’s feeling for Kawasumi, whether they are genuine or not.


And that’s all folks! (*insert Warner Brother’s theme song*)
Hope to see you blushing and heart-beating with this unique love story!! Until next time!!



10 thoughts on “Shy X Shy, an unexpected love story!! Hibi Chouchou~

    • Yup it is ongoing and I think the latest chapter is around 26 or 27. 😀 The magazine in which it’s published is a biweekly one, so you can expect to see a chapter many once every two week. I don’t know how they rotate with other mangas though.
      The series just started around late 2012 so I think it’ll be quite a long series.

      I hope you will enjoy it !! It’s a really sweet and innocent story 🙂
      If you need any help on trying to find raws or translations just let me know XD

      • Thank you! Don’t remember the last time I read a good romantic manga, and 27 chapters is about a right size for me. And btw, thanks for the well written review =)

      • No No! Thank you for commenting and given my review a chance!! *hails* T___T you are sooooo kind!!

        My writing is horrible =__= I’m still trying to improve on it and learn the basics of blog writing! I hope I don’t bore you !

        Thank you so much again! You have given me such great support ! I’m very grateful!! 😀

  1. A friend recommended me this manga for almost similar reasons as yours… Cute characters, lots of doki doki moments, and nice artwork. I just can’t start it yet because I’m still currently reading some books. Hence I can’t commit to start another long reading, but this manga is definitely on my list–hopefully though this gets animated.

    Btw, I’m currently reading the shoujo manga named Horimiya. You might find it enjoyable too.

    • 😀 Yes, if you have free time you should definitely try reading it. The chapters are around 15-20 pages long i believe and there are only 21 chapters released so far. (25 if you count the raws)
      I hope it gets animated it as well. I can imagine it animated like Kimi Ni Todoke, not too much speaking but good, colorful sceneries ;3
      What books are u currently reading right now Snippet?
      Horimiya is awesomeeee!! I was actually my first manga review on this blog 🙂 I really love the characters and the soft story. Miyamura is the cutest thing ever >////<
      Wonder when they'll notice their own feelings.

      • I read mostly novels. A few of my favourites are The Alchemist, Sophie’s World, Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland, and the Harry Potter Series.

        Oh wow, you have a Horimiya review~ I’m glad to see that you were enjoying that. That series is so cute. As for Shy x Shy, I have it on my list. Once I get into the mood, I will definitely read it.

      • Wow. I love the alchemist! Also one of my favorite books!!
        I haven’t read Sophie’s World however. What is it about?

        Yes, reading Horimiya always makes me smile. The characters are so funny and I can’t help but wait anxiously for the updates!
        😀 Awww! Great to see your adding it to your list!
        Thanks for giving it a chance! >_< really hope u will enjoy it.

      • Sophie’s World is reading a book within a book, mainly about philosophy and history. It’s really fun and adventurous; it really broaden my perspective 🙂

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