Like Fruit’s Basket? Check out Natsuki Takaya’s new series! Liselotte to Majo no Mori

ImageYup! You heard me! Natsuki Takaya the popular author of the best selling shojo manga, Fruits Basket (which is the FIRST best selling shojo manga in the USA, and SECOND best selling shojo in Japan) has yet again created a “I-never-want-to-put-this-book-down” series!! Giving a twist between fairy tales and a medieval type aura, Takaya-Sensei has presented us with yet again, a pitiful yet kindhearted heroine.

Liselotte to Majo no Mori or “Liselotte and the Witch’s Forest” is about a young lady living in exile in “a far far away place, in the east of the east of the east”. She is accompanied by her two twin servants, Anna and Alto, who worry for her well-being daily. (Well who wouldn’t, she manages to cause an uproar every time she tries something new, e.g get’s blisters on the second day of trying to learn how to plant crop or tries to cook, proving no avail and almost poisons one of the characters in the story..)

While on one of her gardening routines, she finally meets a witch who provokes her with different colors of apples (it’s snow white gone colorful O.o) and surrounds her with pitch black darkness. She is saved by a mysterious person named “Engetsu” who remind her of someone of her past…..just who is this person? Why did her brother banish her after taking the family throne? And is “En” the person who she has always been looking for?

If your familiar to Takaya’s works from either Fruits Basket or the citically acclaimed Hoshi wa Utau, you’ll know just how she adores creating characters with such simplicity yet uniqueness. Her lines are nice and clean, making the characters neat and adorable at the same time. One thing special about her artwork that you seem to notice is that she likes to play with a type of cinematography. She draws her characters from different angles, experiments with light shadings, and includes small distinct details in each panel.
An example of this is when she darkens her drawing and creates shadows when trying to show that her characters are behind a tree.

Plot: Takaya-Senei had always been inspired by things out of the ordinary. From Zodiac spirits to broom flying witches, she has always been able to bring her readers into the story.
In Liselotte to Majo no Mori, we can sense our main characters trying to piece together her life back and try beginning to “live” We can see in recent chapters that it hard for her to try expalining her situations and just basically just brushes off her misfortune by telling everyone she aa-okay. As the story progresses we begin to further see what happened before she moved to the forest and all the pain she was put though (T_T of gosh I’m going to cry)
Tragedy put aside, we also have some comical moments such as that of her servant Alto, being the protective person he is, not being able to accept “En” into the household. We also have an amazingly adorable witch’s familiar (ooops, spoiler) who makes you just wanna go “awwwwwww >///<” every time you see him. (at least, I think it’s a him =__=)

Given the tone of the character’s daily life, you can also consider this manga as a slice of life type manga, something you can read that will just make you feel comforted and relax.

Finally, for those who are interested in those historical themes,Β  the manga is filled with monorchial terms such as days of provisions or royalty ranking, and that of fantasy references. (witches, familiars, magic, curses…you get the picture)


Another thing that Tayaka-Sensei is able to create are her memorable characters. One of these is “Engetsu” who is a somewhat dimwitted and straight forward individual. His quiet composure makes him seem like he’s holding many secrets, including his wish to find a certain witch. Although Engetsu doesn’t speak much and frequently disappears (yes, he just vanishes), he is always popping up to help Liselotte either in physical or mental matters. (as seen when he is hug…..AHH! Spoiler! Really, you guys need to read it before I ruin the story!!)


Now, if your really into those quiet mysterious guys, you really need to check out this manga and see for yourself just how adorable he is.

We also have Alto, which is the COMPLETE opposite of “En”. After his mistress had been banished, her bravely decided to follow her along with his sister to become her support system. Although he may seem a little uptight, it’s because of his loyalty that he is able to go through great lengths to see Liselotte safe and sound.

We also have Anna-san who is a down to earth, although she is protective of her lady, she i fully accepts her determination to try and learn different things and is always trying to help Liselotte towards her goals.

As you can see, or read…the characters are very genuine and subtle, making Liselotte to Majo no Mori a must read for this month !!


10 thoughts on “Like Fruit’s Basket? Check out Natsuki Takaya’s new series! Liselotte to Majo no Mori

  1. Nice primer for me who still haven’t read the manga ^_^ Maybe I should try more of Natsuki Takaya’s works since the only Takaya manga I’ve read is Fruits Basket (and I still haven’t read the whole series!). I heard her other manga have lots to offer ^_^

    • Yes !! Definitely check it out πŸ™‚
      It’s a really good manga if your into that sort of “progressing scenarios”, like finding out a mystery in every chapter you read. I do find that this series will last awhile, so many things left to uncover!!

      As for the her other manga, Hoshi wa Utau or Tsubasa: Those with wings, you can tell that she loves to add that sort of “mystical and fantasy feelings” to her storyline.

      Do tell when you have read the manga ^ ^ I would love to hear feedback!

      P.S T__T Thank you so much for posting Alyssa-Chan!! You have been my very first response! I’m literally screaming for excitement now XD Your so kindddd!! *hails*

  2. This looks fantastic! I loved Fruits Basket and it doesn’t hurt that I’m in the market for new reads. Great read as well, Nyaataku.

    • Awww!! Thank you so much !! XD
      Yes, fruits baskets was actually one of the first shojo mangas I’ve picked up and after seeing this I just though that it had great potential!!
      The current chapter is around 7 i think.
      πŸ™‚ really hope you enjoy it!! do you have any mangas you recommend? I’d love to try new reads as well !!

      • My general reads are a bit more intense and also pretty well known. I stick with stuff like Yotsuba and classics like Trigun and Azumanga for the light-hearted, and then MPD, Kurosagi, and Mail for my typical reads.

      • I love Yotsuba! It’s such a cute and lighthearted story. The characters are so adorable with their own unique personality. I especially like Yanda XD just how chilled out and childish he is always seems to crack me up.
        I’m baffled why it hasn’t received an anime though!

        Your are actually the first person I have met that reads Kurosagi as well!! This manga is just one of those stories where you just have to congratulate the mangaka for being such a genius!!I love kurosaki’s sadistic personality, such a badass character.
        Do you think the story is going to end anytime soon? It always leaving me with cliffhangers! arghhh!!

        MPD as MPD psyco with the detective?
        I haven’t tried the manga Mail though. How is it?

      • Yotsuba is amazing. Everything Azuma has done is extremely well-fitted — the story to the characters relating to each other — not to mention incredibly fun and imaginative. One of the few books/animes I can watch again and again, and feel like it’s just as fresh as the first time.

        Azuma said he doesn’t want to do an anime because he doesn’t enjoy making them the way he does manga. Maybe a bad Azumanga experience?

        It is weird meeting another Kurosagi fan; you’re definitely the first for me, too. I know Otsuka is still writing them [and MPD Psycho at the same time]. They’re up to 17 or 18 now in Japan and we just got 13 a few months back. Have you caught up to 13 yet? The story-line is starting to get a little odd. Well, more odd than before, but it has also started to reel back to a uniquely creative place [which it seemed to deviate from in the last several.

        Mail is that same horror style, but a little more toned down. The series ended a while ago [best of my knowledge], but the books are super cheap online [mostly $5]. Worth a read if you enjoy horror manga.

    • Okay, this replying thing has got me confused so I hope I’m replying on the right one. @_@

      I agree!! The manga is just one of the sweetest stories I’ve ever read and all the characters are so lovable.

      Ah yes, I hear that sometime animators do unexpected things to a series that it could cause a mangaka to become disappointed. (Like with Naoko Takeuchi in Sailor Moon, she hated how they made guy characters capable of transforming into a sailor when her own personal reference was that ONLY girls were able to do the magical moon/planet transformation)

      I did hear that Kurosagi was already up to volume 19 by now, but I’m only on 7 !! Oh nooo! O_O I missed out so much!
      Were you already able to read volume 13?
      Oh, goodness…what happened….by the tone of Kurosagi I can assume it’s not good.

      Wow, I see! I really need to read Mail then ! Sounds like my kinda book! XD
      I always enjoyed those weird horror stories. Uzumaki is one of my favorites as well as Saya no Uta. (Brrr…I’m still creeped out by those stories to this day) I’m starting to enjoy Shingeki no Kyojin really much, although it doesn’t have alot of “horror” elements as it’s more of an action manga, the giants scare the heck out of me. (βŠ™β–³βŠ™)

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